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xplorer² source code growth

source code byte size evolution

■ xplorer² evolution over the years

xplorer² is under continuous developement since 2004. If you are up to date and run the latest version you are guaranteed the best in file management. If you are stuck with a paleolithic version on the other hand, you may be missing out on many improvements introduced since your original purchase such as: Older versions like 1.81 still work even for windows 10, but you are not getting the best performance, and you likely suffer from small annoyances that were fixed in later xplorer² versions.
Please download the free trial of the latest version and see all the improvements. There is no obligation to buy, and if you don't like what you see, you can always go back to your original xplorer² version.

■ Upgrade your old version and get major new features

Here is a summary of capital additions since version 2. For detailed information see the changelog

Added in version 2.x (2011-2014)

Added in version 3.x (2015-2017)

Added in version 4.x (2018-2020)

Added in version 5.x (2021-)

Get the most out of xplorer², download the latest version!


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