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■ Power at your fingertips — no PhD required!

xplorer² is a desktop file manager combining the efficiency of the legendary norton commander and the ease of use of windows file explorer. It is tough as boots, rock solid stable, industrial strength for large-scale file management, lightweight in size and system resource use, and fast.


■ Overview of program features

Despite its small size xplorer² packs tremendous functionality to help with your daily file management tasks.
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Shell namespace explorer

xplorer² will browse and manage all your folders including virtual ones folders like zipfolders, webfolders, digital cameras, cloud drives, even FTP, as long as these services are available in your system. If you extend your shell namespace with new folder types, xplorer² will read them too, in a familiar tree/view window format.

Tabbed dual-pane interface

Can't decide between dual pane and tabbed browsing? No worries, xplorer² does them all. The traditional dual-pane format, handy for comparisons and file transfers, is augmented so that each pane can hold more than one folder. Hopping from one folder to another is just a tab click away.

Instant preview of files

xplorer² can preview most text, graphics, audio/video, and html & office documents — and does so in nearly all folder types including zipfolders etc. Wherever it finds file-like content it offers file-like access!

Browsing flexibility

You can browse your content in most useful view modes supported by explorer, including thumbnails. Within large folders you will appreciate the organization capabilities offered by arranging in groups and multi-way sort. xplorer² will remember your favorite mode for each folder.

View & edit text files

xplorer² collaborates with our companion editor² offering no-frills — yet useful — text viewing and editing, in a variety of formats (RTF, unicode, UTF8 etc). You can also associate your own external editor of choice.

Extended file information (metadata)

On top of the usual names, sizes & dates, xplorer² can access extended file information like comments, version information, ID3 tags, icture data etc, as supported by your Windows OS (shell column handlers). It even has useful columns of its own like file checksum, 8.3 names etc. If you install any custom column handlers they will be integrated too! (column handlers are even supported for windows vista/7/8/10).

Search for files everywhere, using arbitrary criteria

The search engine is the most powerful in the market this side of $70! xplorer² can search in all folder types including zipfolders etc, and the criteria can include each and every bit of extended file information combined in boolean hyperfilters. If you want to find files that contain some keyword in their comment, and are owned by a particular user, and are songs by an artist formerly known as prince, then look no further! When you search for contained text, the previewer panel will show you the text highlighted in context too.

Find text within office, Adobe PDF and other documents

xplorer² can work with text filters developed for windows indexing service, allowing you to search for keywords within all your document archive. Plain text previews of such proprietary formats are possible too, highlighting your search results in context. Plain text files are also searched with automatic detection of unicode/UTF8 encoding and local codepages.

Manage files from many folders at once

xplorer² has a special kind of window called scrap container where you can place files from many folders and deal with them all at once — like the find files result list, except that you control what goes in (aka virtual folders or playlists). You can save and reload scrap lists, organizing your content regardless of its physical location. You can even browse folders flat, recursively including all their subfolders!

Compare and synchronize folders

In dual pane mode xplorer² can show the contents of 2 folders in a single window, ideal for comparing and synchronizing content. Using scrap containers you can compare folder hierarchies, too.

Discover and cleanup duplicate files

xplorer² can check a local hierarchy (or even all your folders) for identical files and mark them ready for inspection and eventually deletion, releasing your valuable disk space.

Execute DOS commands and scripts

When file management calls for more advanced external commands, xplorer² will oblige with its template-based user menu system. You just provide a command template and it is automatically applied to all selected files. Thus you can achieve mass renaming and so much more.

Customizable user interface

There are plenty of adjustable options to bring xplorer² in line with your needs and tastes, from how many panels you see, which commands appear on toolbars, all the way to how many decimal points you want for file sizes and toolbar skins. You can arrange the user interface to be as simple or as complex as you like.

Help and assistance where you need it

In addition to a comprehensive help file, daily tips & tricks etc, xplorer² has a tooltip (balloon help) system that guides you through the more complex steps of command arguments without disturbing your workflow.

Individual folder settings

You can instruct xplorer² to show particular folders in fixed view modes, e.g. MyPictures in thumbnail mode, WinNT in detailed mode including a version column etc. You can also save window layouts to be reused for all folders that e.g. have visual content you want to preview.

Visual filters and selection engine

xplorer² helps you manage large folders easily, first controlling which items are visible — with a variety of wildcard and other filters, and then selecting the items you want to act upon with precision. There are too many selection techniques to list, including hyperfilter-based that allow you to select e.g. all items with "science" in their comments!

Advanced file management

Except for the basic drag-drop, context menu, copy, delete, rename etc, xplorer² has a palette of advanced file management commands like split-merge, shred, set comments, touch dates, paste subfolders, junctions or hard links, etc.

Robust file transfers

xplorer² can handle many parallel background file transfers (concurrent or queued) offering fine control over confirmations, error handling etc. You can copy large amounts of files with ease and peace of mind.

Export folder listings

Whatever you see in xplorer² can be exported as text for printing, e-mailing, pasting in other programs, etc. You can also export statistics for whole folder hierarchies, in detailed tree-like fashion.

Extensible interface through shell plugins

xplorer² adheres to the windows shell protocol and thus all the namespace and shell extensions designed for windows explorer will also work with xplorer² too. You can download many free plugins to provide thumbnails, previewing, extra attributes (columns) for search and information etc. For sample shell extensions please click here.

Maxed-out usability

Mostly and foremostly xplorer² is meant to be used day in and day out with maximum efficiency and minimum frustration. Its keyboard and mouse shortcuts, histories for most input fields, path autocompletion and many other small details, work together to offer you a comfortable and productive experience!

Last but not least: instant customer support

Not many users contact us for support; there's a lot of easy to use information in the website to solve most problems. Those who do however are pleasantly surprised by the speed and efficiency we deal with the odd support query. Expect to get a reply even on weekends!


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