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■ Work in your own terms, maximizing your productivity

keyboard customization dialog

With xplorer² you control how many panes you work with, whether the tree is on and so forth. You can even define layouts with different window and toolbar arrangements, one for each particular mode of work.

You can customize the main toolbar, for your favorite command buttons. Customizable infobars show information for the selected files so that you can view file details even while you are using a view mode like list or thumbnails.

You can specify color coding rules for filetypes you want to stand out, for instance make all encrypted files blue or folder junctions black against red background.

You can customize the keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) for all commands to make xplorer² even more like windows explorer, e.g. assign <F5> to Refresh command.

xplorer² should be easy to work straight out of the box but for those of you who want fine-tune minute details there are plenty of options to play with, from single-click activation to sound policies. You can even select skins to change the program look and feel.

■ Attention to small details that make the difference

If you are the kind of user that deals with a lot of files, like a programmer, a webmaster, a music or picture enthusiast, you will appreciate the efficiency xplorer² brings to your everyday file management routine. There are tons of time saving details, from keyboard shortcuts, autocompletion and histories, all the way to custom folder groups and column sets that you can switch to with a single click.

So make your life easier, download your free xplorer² evaluation today! And please do spend some time browsing the tips & tricks file at minimum because there are so many more ways xplorer² can help you with!


Sample demo videos

play Click on a link to get a glimpse of xplorer² capabilities
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