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■ Change xplorer² appearance with skins

Give your xplorer² a quick face-lift changing the appearence of toolbar and menu item icons using the skins below. Quick instructions for installing skins:

You can even create your own skin! Download the skin designer pack and use your imagination and an image editor. For further information please refer to the readme file within the designer pack.
Download skin designer pack

These skins are designed to be used with the latest xplorer² version. If you download a skin, follow the instructions above correctly and discover that the skin doesn't show, please make sure you have the latest xplorer² version installed (use Help > About menu command).

■ Available skin themes

Click on a skin to download it. See above for installation instructions.
Thanks to all the artists below who share their creativity with xplorer² users!
If you use the Ribbon interface better get a skin with large icons (any of the sets below), otherwise your ribbon will look distasteful.

Large icon sets (XL)

Custom (XL) by kunkel321

SaboFX (24) by saboteur

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