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■ Ultimate (portable) version

Whereas many people will get by using xplorer² professional, the ultimate edition is the best xplorer² money can buy. Here are the main advantages:

xplorer2 boxshot
  • Portability. You can keep your xplorer² ultimate in a USB stick and have it save the settings in a portable file, without touching the windows registry.
  • No installation required. The ultimate version can either be copied to any folder or be run from any removable media.
  • Optimized performance. The ultimate version has the edge on xplorer² pro, especially for large scale file operations. It also offers fast search and a host of other improvements
  • Normal installer included. Unlike the old portable edition, you can install the ultimate xplorer² on your own PC as well as keep it in a USB stick.
  • Priority customer support. Get your problems fixed on the fast track.

You will appreciate the extra features in ultimate edition if:

Click to download xplorer² ultimate
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■ Upgrade from professional to ultimate edition

If you own a license to xplorer² professional v6.x you can upgrade to the ultimate version paying just the difference in price ($20). Please have your v6.x professional unlock key ready as it is required for the upgrade process.


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