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■ Free lifetime upgrade plans

Although xplorer² is not subscription-based, you don't get all future upgrades for free. When you purchase a license you get free xplorer² upgrades and support for 1 year. After this year has elapsed you may have to pay additional upgrade charges, but only if you want to upgrade to the newest version — the particular version you bought is yours to keep forever!

xplorer² is in constant development, and to make the most of it you need the most current version, especially to keep up to speed with the latest and ever changing windows 10 OS versions.

If you need the reassurance of free lifetime upgrades and email support you can purchase this optional insurance policy from only USD $49.95*. A small price to pay for a lifetime's peace of mind! In particular the price for this cover plan depends on your xplorer² version as such:

* when you buy this contract as a bundle with your main xplorer² purchase you save $10


You can purchase the lifetime upgrade assurance when you order your main xplorer² license (just tick the relevant checkbox in the order page). Existing users can take advantage of this cover clicking on a button below.

» BUY LIFETIME COVER (registration key required)

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