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■ On-board help

xplorer² offers a lot of help while the program is running, that can answer many questions quickly. Observe the messages shown on the status bar while you browse the menu system. Dialog boxes have explanatory tooltips (popups) and a help button that shows context sensitive help from the quickstart guide. The help documents are listed under Help menu.

■ Common issue troubleshooter

I have a problem...Solution
I cannot download xplorer² Alternative download locations
I cannot purchase xplorer² Alternative payment options
I cannot use my unlock key Make sure you are using the professional version
Use Help > About menu command (are you already registered?)
See the explanatory registration demo video
Does your installed xplorer² match the license you bought? (pro/ultimate)
Upgrading to v5.x
(my old key doesn't work)
Follow these simple upgrade instructions

■ Search the FAQ, online documentation and blog

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■ e-mail support

If you cannot find an answer to your question using the quick options mentioned above, click here to send an email to the xplorer² support team:

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