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■ Important information about version upgrades

Whenever a new xplorer² version is released you may be asked for a new registration key, if you want to use that latest version. This holds even for people who purchased free lifetime upgrades warranties. Many of the existing customers will be entitled to a free replacement key as long as:
  • You have bought the free lifetime upgrades warranty
  • or, you bought xplorer² during the last 12 months

All other people will have to purchase a replacement key, possibly with a discount as follows:

  • if you own a license for the previous version 4.x then you can upgrade with a 30% discount off the regular price.
  • All other (older) customers will need a new license at full price
The free or discounted upgrade paths are valid within your current xplorer² edition; if you own a professional license you will get a professional key replacement, and likewise for the ultimate edition. If you own a multi-seat license all seats will be upgraded simultaneously.

You do not have to upgrade to the latest version (v5.x) if you don't need the extra new features. Your old key will continue working for the version you bought originally. You can download older versions from here:

Download old xplorer² build 1814 (v1.x before July 2011)

Download old xplorer² build 2504 (v2.x before December 2014)

Download old xplorer² build 3502 (v3.x before February 2018)

Download old xplorer² build 4501 (v4.x before February 2021)

upgrade process flowchart

■ How do I get my free replacement key or automatic discount?
demo video.

If you are entitled to a free or discounted upgrade for the latest version (ie. you hold a free lifetime upgrades warranty or bought xplorer² within the last 3 years), you can get your new key following these simple steps:

If xplorer² finds no old license key or if it is too old you will be redirected to the full price purchase page. If you have the original purchase email you can manually upgrade your key using this page. Please contact support if you need any further information.

You can also watch this demo video explaining the automatic upgrade procedure.

You can only claim your free or discounted upgrade once. So please make sure you use a valid email address. To avoid delays please use the same name and email address you used when you first purchased xplorer² — assuming the email is still working.

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