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■ xplorer² snapshots

xplorer² can be customized to look exactly the way you want it, so as to best suit your workflow. Here are a few sample snapshots. Click on a thumbnail to see the full picture.

main view with tree

Dual pane with tabs, tree and help panel

video preview to the right

Single pane, previewer (video) to the right

image preview left

Previewer (image) docked left under tree

explorer view

Explorer view mode with details pane

column handler supported for windows vista/7/8/10

TSVN column handlers supported in W7

show in groups thumbnail view

Show in groups (by date) thumbnails

norton commander

Traditional horizontal dual pane (NC mode)


Browse and text preview in ZIP folder

TSVN icon overlays

Icon overlays and other shell extensions

color code filenames

Color coding based on file or folder type

disk statistics

Detailed folder size statistics in tree view

find files and folders

Advanced criteria for desktop search

mass rename dialog

Mass rename using automatic counters

robust transfer options

Copy options for overwrite & error control

editor2 notepad replacement

embedded viewer/editor with autotext

program settings

Regular program settings customization

registry options editor

Minute control of advanced options

remap keys

Change keyboard bindings for commands

robust copy progress

Copy progress with pause and statistics

modern ribbon toolbar

Ribbon User Interface (optional)

dark mode

Dark interface mode


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