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■ Integrate all your external command line & console tools

integrated DOS command console

Even in our present GUI age, you can't beat the argument passing flexibility of console programs. xplorer² can invoke both DOS and windows programs to do all sorts of tasks e.g. comparisons, conversions, straight from the addressbar.

Using $-tokens representing the currently selected files you can create your own palette of reusable command templates and store them in a configurable user menu for future use. The output of commands is intercepted and shown in a user-friendly GUI console — no more struggling with DOS boxes!

Mass renamer

You can also apply commands on many files at once using the script wizard or the mass renamer. Special $-tokens allow you to use any piece of column information as part of the renamed file, so for instance you can put ID3 tags in your filenames.


Sample demo videos

play Click on a link to get a glimpse of xplorer² capabilities
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