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■ Keep your folders synchronized and your hard disk tidy

duplicates detector: identical files grouped in bands

Often we have to work on more than one computer, be it a laptop or remote FTP server. xplorer² can automatically detect files that have changed and need updating with a variety of criteria. It then marks the files that need transferring and awaits your further instructions, e.g. to copy or delete files.

xplorer² can also discover any duplicate files that may be taking up your valuable disk space. Using the ubiquitous scrap containers you can browse one or more folders flat (extracting all subfolders in a single view) and check for duplicates either by name or by content. The results will be grouped together for easy inspection.

Finally if you wonder where have all those gigabytes of hard disk space gone, xplorer² can provide the answer calculating folder statistics, with detailed information like number of files and total size, per subfolder. You can copy out this information as text, and paste it e.g. to Excel for printing or further manipulation.


Sample demo videos

play Click on a link to get a glimpse of xplorer² capabilities
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