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■ Extensible architecture with shell extension handlers

xplorer² is tightly integrated with windows shell. There are many 3rd party shell extensions that enrich your desktop experience which work both in windows explorer and xplorer². There are many kinds of plugins available to download:

Below you will find many recommended plugins that extend xplorer² (and DeskRule). We are not affiliated with any of them but the downloads are mostly free or free for personal use. If you are a programmer you can create your own shell extension to extend xplorer².

If you are on 64 bit windows and using the 64 bit xplorer² please make sure you download the 64 bit extension you are after — if available. Alternatively if a shell extension you want comes only in 32 bit format, you can use it by installing the 32 bit xplorer² on your 64 bit system.

■ Text preview and desktop search

Text filters designed for windows indexing server allow you to preview (draft) and search for text in many document types like MS Office, PDF, WordPerfect, OpenOffice and others. Click on a link to download.

■ Native preview handlers

For windows vista or later there are many preview handlers that work for the Native preview tab in xplorer².

■ Column handlers for file attributes

Add extra information for the detailed view mode according to filetypes, as well as more metadata to search for. NOTE: xplorer² professional can utilize old style column handlers even in windows vista and 7/8/10. xplorer² also integrates with total commander WDX content plugins for even more searchable file attributes.

■ Image thumbnails

See image content instead of a generic file icons in thumbnail view mode.
Note: these are the only extensions that will work with the free lite version.

■ Browser extensions

Enable xplorer² to browse, preview and search in special kinds of virtual folders


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