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date 17.Sep.2017

■ UHD 4K display resolution has ruined my toolbar!

I am not sure why the world needs monitors with 3840 x 2160 pixels (!) resolution, but many of you do like them. Once upon a time you needed compatibility tweaks to make xplorer² window appear decent in ultra high resolution screens. Ever since version 3.4 (and especially with v3.5 currently in beta) xplorer² looks much better in 4K displays, especially if freshly installed. Text size scales of 200% and above are handled satisfactorily, and most display elements including the ribbon toolbar and other fonts should be bearable.

hires toolbar

But what if your toolbar looks sadly compressed like the above pic — where most button labels are cropped? This is expected if you run an ancient version, or if you first installed xplorer² long time ago and it uses old settings that are not high-DPI aware. Here's how you can improve the toolbars significantly:

Other display elements like folder panes, folder tree, status bar and the dialogs should automatically adjust for your large text settings. If you need even bigger letters for xplorer² use Tools > Options menu (normal options, not advanced) and click on the Main font button in Window property page.

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