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boxshot   Discover and remove all duplicates cluttering your hard disk or mobile phone
  • Music and movies
  • Photos and pictures
  • Office documents
  • e-Books
  • ... or any other kind of clones!
i-DeClone can recover the space wasted by identical files stored many times, or similar versions of the same information (e.g. similar photos), using advanced AI algorithms. The scan process is accurate, reliable and fast

i-DeClone is industrial-strength, built to handle thousands of duplicate files and folders

Download the free trial today and see for yourself how easily you can clean up your PC or phone

Current version: 1.800
Platform: Windows 7,8,10,11


Cost per user: $39.95
special introductory offer: $29.95

Simple explorer-like user interface

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1. find identical and similar photos   2. discover same songs with different bitrate or encoding   3. automatically select duplicates to remove using quality, date and other criteria   4. clone clean-up options: delete, create links or save results for later   5. search for duplicate office documents and preview their contents   6. advanced search options for those hard to find duplicates   7. express mode for very simple scan options   8. optional dark mode user interface   9. compare similar photos side by side


i-DeClone features for your data

Search everywhere
Wherever you keep files, i-DeClone will look for clones, including local HDD, SSD and external drives, networks, cloud storage, phones, cameras and tablets, compressed archives etc.
Familiar explorer interface demo video: explore duplicates
Plain UI for getting the job done. Browse duplicates as files, see thumbnails and file details, sort, select and mark with checkboxes. If you are familiar with windows explorer you will feel at home instantly
Scan all media
Connect all your external devices and i-DeClone will scan them simultaneously for maximum duplicates coverage. It can handle thousands of files with ease. Mark clones according to their location.
Find similar photos demo video: near-identical pictures
Your phone is full of nearly identical shots of the same scene. i-DeClone uses AI to group both identical and similar photos that can be removed. Keep one instead of 10 photos and lose no memories
Duplicate multimedia
Your music and movie collection may include the same songs and videos encoded in various bitrates, HD resolutions and formats. Discover duplicate media and decide if you want to keep the best quality or smallest size.
Document versions
With office work and email attachments, you may have the same document in many close revisions, some DOCX, some PDF format. Discover and remove all information clutter keeping the most recent version.
Safe and expert modes
Use safe automatic mode to find most duplicates without risk to system files, or release the full i-DeClone search and destroy powers with custom file attribute comparisons to find well hidden clones
Step by step guidance
On-board detailed information for every stage of a project, from scanning your storage, discovering clones, choosing which files to keep and which to get rid of, and finally removing duplicates.
Help and support
Make the most of the program following the demo videos, context-sensitive explanations and detailed documentation. Or just contact the support team, we're always here for you.
Preview and compare results demo video: verify duplicate groups
All search criteria are shown as details (columns) to help you understand the results. Quickly preview or compare pairs of files to verify they are indeed duplicates.
Mark wizard demo video: assistance for marking duplicates
Automatically mark which files to remove and which will remain in each group, using quality, date, folder location and other criteria. Or use filtering and checkboxes for custom manual marking.
Delete or link to free space demo video: example deletion of duplicates
Recover the wasted space occupied by duplicates either deleting all but one, or replacing the clones with space-saving hard and symbolic links.
Undo mistakes
Information removal is inherently risky, but i-DeClone deletes files in the system recycle bin, so you can quickly fix accidental deletions. All clean-up operations are logged.
Repeat scans demo video: scan projects
If fresh duplicate files crop up frequently, you can save favorite search projects and repeat them easily as often as you like. Zero tolerance for clones!
Fully customizable
i-DeClone appears simple but you can customize scan options, file types, switch to dark mode and more. Your favorite settings are remembered and reused when you next run the program.

Find and remove duplicates, in 3 easy steps

➀ Connect and scan devices

Discovering duplicates consists of what to look for, where to search, and how to compare files. First connect any external hard disks or any other devices you want checked, if any, then start a scan. For better focused search, select a broad category of files like Photos or e-Books. You can search your entire PC and connected devices, but if you know roughly where most duplicates are located, specify a starting folder to make the search faster. Finally decide if you are looking for exact or approximate duplicates. Then leave i-DeClone work on its own while it discovers what you've asked for.   scan options dialog

➁ Choose what is kept and what gets removed

Duplicate files are organized in groups, and shown with alternating background colors. Each group contains 2 or more files that are clones of each other. One (or more) will remain, and all the rest in each group will be marked for deletion. If only a few clones exist, it is feasible to use the checkboxes and manually decide what is removed. More often you will use mark wizard to mark duplicates for removal in bulk. Marked files are crossed out and ready for clean-up.

Use the filter, preview and comparison tools to examine duplicate groups and satisfy yourself that the results are as expected — especially if you used your own custom detection settings. If anything's amiss you can remove items from the list and spare them from further processing.
  mark assistant

➂ Release the wasted disk space

Click clean-up toolbar button to deal with the items marked for removal. You can either delete them (the obvious choice), or replace them with filesystem links (an expert mode feature). In all cases marked clones will no longer take up any space, which is what we wanted all the time. Deleted files stored locally go in the Recycle bin so you have some room for undoing accidents. Finally empty your recycle bin to free up the storage space.   cleanup options dialog


Sample duplicate & similar file discovery projects

Click on these links to see various ways i-DeClone can help you find duplicates and near-duplicates, starting from easy pickings, and advancing to those hard to find space-wasters.
General duplicates
Music collections
Photos and images
Miscellaneous documents


Unbeatable performance
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

There are hundreds of software tools that promise to get rid of duplicate files, so it is hard to make up your mind. i-DeClone isn't one of the naive programs that rely on filename or binary contents to discover duplicates. It uses AI to locate space consuming Movies and Music albums that "hide" in different formats. Moreover it is arguably the best tool in its class for discovering similar music and videos, finding the most duplicates in least time.

We are not just saying that, we conducted comparative performance tests using the best duplicate finders with real-life audio and video collections, proving that i-DeClone does the job better and quicker. Click to read the results of the factual reviews in favor of i-DeClone!

  Best software for
cleaning up Music collection
                  Best software for
cleaning up Movie collection

Scanned 47,000 pictures on an SSD in seconds. Found over 4,000 duplicates. A lot of options for cleanup as well as defining what is a duplicate. Simple to use but has advanced features if you need them. I recommend i-DeClone
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