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In a previous example we saw how i-DeClone can find duplicate music with variable bitrates. In large music collections it can get even worse: you may have the same songs downloaded as MP3 and FLAC for example. These are definitely not the same byte content, how do you detect them?

i-DeClone uses ID3 tag information and fuzzy logic AI to detect different file formats as well.

Multiple music downloads

Applies to
Music and videos

Step by step instructions:

➀ Connect devices to scan

If you want to scan external disks, connect them, or just scan your PC folder contents. Click on Start scan toolbar button to begin. Then click Start new project to setup scan settings from scratch.

➁ Scan options

First setup the options for a 90% similarity search for Music, scanning your entire PC as seen in the previous example

Then click on Advanced property page and set it up as in the picture to the right. Most things are left at default settings: see how Length (duration) is the dominant comparison property, followed by a compilation of ID3 tags.

Then you must untick Files must have same extension. This is the essential bit that allows MP3 and WMA files to be compared, if their duration is close enough. Otherwise i-DeClone only compares identical file types.

All set, click Start scan and wait for the results.
  scan options dialog

➂ Mark and remove duplicates

If you want to keep only, say MP3 files, and mark for removal all the other formats, then use the quick filter box as follows:

Similarity comparisons are only as good as the available ID3 tag information in your media files. If essential tags are missing or they are all set to Unknown artist and TRACK 02, it would be next to impossible to discover similar files. Sadly this is almost always the case with video files, where most tag information is in the filename and nowhere else!
If your ID3 tags are unreliable, you can scan music by content instead

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