■ Are you fed up with windows explorer?

Reclaim control of your files and folders with xplorer²

xplorer² is a desktop file manager combining the simplicity of windows explorer with the speed and efficiency of traditional dual pane orthodox file managers, helping you be productive with your documents, pictures, music, source code and other files.

click for xplorer² tour rich ribbon toolbar interface or plain dual pane NC mode

Software details

Designed for:
Windows All (32 & 64 bit) XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

Latest Release:
v6.0.0.3 (14 Jul 2024)

Languages supported:
English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, more »

Seat price: $29.95+

Free trial period: 21 days

compatible with windows 11 compatible with windows 10 compatible with windows 7

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■ Power at your fingertips:

  • Full shell namespace browser
  • Dual panes, folder tabs and Miller columns
  • Preview documents, images, music etc.
  • Fast desktop search using all file attributes
  • Folder sizes and disk space visualization
  • Synchronize folder contents
  • Search for duplicate files to free space
  • Advanced copy, delete and rename operations
  • Filename color coding and tagging
  • Execute custom commands (even DOS)
  • Macros to automate complex file management
  • Fully customizable
  • Modern ribbon UI or traditional menu bar
  • Everyday efficiency and control
  • Manage large folders with ease
  • Lightweight system resource use
  • Native 32/64 bit and Unicode versions


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xplorer² v6.0 released
date 26.May.24
Major version upgrade with improved looks, redesigned program settings, checkboxes for selection and [more »]

i-DeClone v1.8 released
date 21.Mar.24
Discover duplicate movies regardless of file format (AVI/MKV/WMV) and HD resolution quality (720/1080) by content, using movie fingerprints — ignoring filenames and unreliable movie tags [more »]

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■ Quick introduction demo videos

  more information about this file manager


■ What can this file manager do for me?

play Click on a link to see a demo video. For screenshots click here.
Browse folders everywhere windows explorer can access including network, zipfolders, webfolders, libraries, FTP, cameras, mobile phones, cloud storage etc
Filter & select
Too many documents in a folder? Show only those relevant to your work with a variety of simple wildcards and file property based filters
Search & Locate
xplorer² desktop search engine is unrivalled in power, speed and flexibility. If you can think of the attributes xplorer² will find your files and highlight the search keywords
Transfer and delete files using filters and overwrite control, even in deep paths. Create links, junctions, add comments/tags, touch dates, split/join, mass rename, shred
Tabs and dual panes
Combine dual-panes with folder tabs and all the usual view modes (thumbnails, details, folder tree etc)
Quick preview of text, office, PDF, pictures, audio and video files. Internal text editor
Color coding
In addition to icons tell your documents apart using coloring rules on file types and attributes
Export names
Copy folder listings as text for printing and archiving. Full unicode support for localized filenames
Cleanup hard disk
Where is my hard disk space wasted? Locate duplicate files and big size folders and clean them up. Find empty folders
Compare single folders or whole disks and synchronize your desktop with your work or laptop computer
View single or dual panes, unlimited folder tabs, customize toolbars, skins and keyboard shortcuts for all commands
Execute user commands and scripts on selected files and folders. Improved DOS console
Shell Integration
All your namespace extensions, column handlers, thumbnails, virtual folders, icon overlays, infotip popups, WLX/WDX/WCX plugins will work as in windows explorer.
Be productive
Browse fast with bookmarks, breadcrumbs, history and autocompletion. Save tons of time with small innovative details (e.g mirror browsing)
Green on resources
xplorer² is around 3MB in size, starts quickly and consumes few of your system resources even when it replaces windows explorer
Help & Support
Explore the infinite capabilities using the 400 page manual, on board demo videos and our legendary customer support.




xplorer² blows Windows Explorer out of the water for anyone who browses multiple folders, copies, pastes, moves and searches the PC filesystem frequently

- LifeHacker review

5 star award CNET softpedia clean of viruses and malware award shareware junkies best software 2004 PC World editor's choice 2010

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