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■ xplorer² GUI translations

xplorer² ships with its user interface translated in various languages. You can select your language during the installation process. These translations are all done by volunteer xplorer² users. Here's a list of the people responsible for the translations:

Please help us maintain good quality translations of xplorer². If you spot some problem with your language DLL please let us know and we will try our best to correct it. Thank you!

Note that the program help files and support are at present only in english, the translations are mainly the GUI (menus and dialogs) and a few extra items listed below.

■ Translation extras

Some translators have gone to extra lengths localizing parts of the documentation, the companion editor² etc. Since these extras differ for each language they are available as a separate download. Here's a list of what is currently available:

These translation extras can be found in the downloads page

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