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Unlike Windows Explorer, xplorer² is designed to deal effectively with complex folder hierarchies containing thousands of files. In addition to normal folders, the program also handles zip folders, web folders, and folders accessed remotely via FTP [More...]

- ESWC Epsilon Award 2007

Let's face it: for advanced file manipulation, Windows File Explorer stinks. But like Firefox is a must-have replacement for Internet Explorer, a file manager called xplorer² blows Windows Explorer out of the water for anyone who browses multiple folders, copies, pastes, moves and searches the PC filesystem frequently [More...]

Replace Windows Explorer with xplorer² — LifeHacker review

Eat your heart out, Windows Explorer. This powerhouse file manager beats the pants off Microsoft's built-in utility on almost every count. Start with the interface: Xplorer2 lets you browse two or more folders in one window using panes (as in Total Commander or FAR) and tabs [More...]

5-star CNET editors' review

An outstanding file manager offering a range of specialized functions that you will find handy. Once you tried it you will be asking yourselves how you managed all this time without it [More...]

PC World (Greek) editor's choice, April 2010

In conclusion xplorer² is the best explorer replacement program I've ever seen. It is a really small download and you get 21 days to try it out, so what are you waiting for? [More...]

Shareware junkies — Best software 2004

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I don't usually get excited about this kind of thing, but I am soooo happy I found this program. I work with a large number of files; maybe 50 folders of 5k-40k files per folder. Windows Explorer is just unbearably slow. It can literally take 5 minutes to get a file listing with Windows Explorer and it takes just a few seconds xplorer². This is going to save me a LOT OF TIME!

- Jeff Wilson

I just wanted to give you a remarkable word or two. Not only is xplorer² unbelievably stable, with all the functions and it's capabilities, it's speed is amazing. Opening up drives, the screen fills instantly. And with all these built in extras to not see a bit of drag or lag is actually an exciting thing!

- Keith Breen

I am at the end of my second marathon explorer-replacement search, and feel relieved to have finally found your program. No bloat! No stupid ugly graphics! Horay for you!

- Nathan Hackett

Hi, I just want to thank you for making such a great program. xplorer² is robust, small, innovative, and saves me tons of time

- Tony Tieu

Thank you for your fast response time. You provide not only a terrific product but also a great support. That's not so common these days

- Antoine Bonin

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