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■ Feature comparison table (lite vs pro)

This table compares windows explorer (windows 7 version), and the lite and professional versions of xplorer².
Click on help symbols to see a video demonstrating how each feature in the professional version can help your daily file management tasks.

All-area shell namespace access (phones, cloud drives etc)
Shell integrated with drag/drop, context menu etc
Automatic sensing of changes in all folders (networked etc)
Multithreaded & multi-window operation
Folder tree panel
Dual pane mode (browse 2 folders in one window)
Mirror browsing and scrolling
Column mode (Miller) browsing folders side-by-sidedemo: mac finder multi-folder browsing
Tabbed interface
Save and restore tabs (folder groups)
Keyboard shortcuts and overall usability
Path autocompletion
Filtering of item visibility
Filtering on arbitrary criteria (hyperfilters)demo: automatic type-based filters and free-form text filtering
Selection engine for precision marking of files
Selection with arbitrary criteria (hyperfilters)
Extended filesystem information columns (comments etc)
Even more columns (checksum, 8.3 name etc)
Multi-column sort (using shift+column click)
Change file attributes in-place like a spreadsheet demo: XLS rename mode
Multi-purpose filter/select/search box as you typedemo: filter as you type
Individual folder settings demo: per-folder view settings
Window layout saving and management
Export folder information as text (for printing etc)
Hard links (NTFS)
Mass renaming
Change file dates (touch)
Find text in files
Search for multiple keywords with boolean context
Search for text in office and PDF/WPD/ODT documents using filters  
Search for contained text and filenames using regular expressions
Customizable info bars (status bar for each pane)
Unicode, UTF-8 & file encoding aware
Unicode version available
Text/RTF/Hex preview
Text editor
Graphics & HTML preview
Thumbnail view mode (using fast system cache)
Mini- and densely packed thumbnails
Fuzzy filename matching
Multimedia preview (audio & video)
Large popup preview of images and documents demo: mouse peek preview
Manual placement of folder icons (desktop-like)demo: arrange icons with the mouse
Find files with arbitrary criteria demo: search for recently modified files that include some text, and preview the results
Search within archives, FTP, webfolders (webDAV) etc
Refine previous search
Scrap containers (simultaneously manage many folders) demo: create MP3 playlist
Folder comparison & synchronization
Deep synchronization (including subfolders)demo: compare two folder hierarchies using mirror browsing/scrolling and flat browsing mode
Script wizard for DOS & win32 text commands
Intercept command output in user-friendly consoledemo: use command line to launch windows and DOS programs
Customizable user command menu
Detect duplicate files & cleanupdemo: examine subfolder size and locate duplicate files
Find and remove bad quality and similar photosdemo: blurred and similar picture cleanup
Color tag files and folders for easy trackingdemo: color tag and find
Toolbar customization
Add extra toolbars and custom button iconsdemo: customize bookmarks and toolbar buttons
Drivebar for easy access to local drives
Detailed breakdown of subfolder disk usage (statistics)
Robust background file transfers with optional filtersdemo: robust transfer for daily backup; pause and resume file copy
Backup copy of hard disks and phones
Paste clipboard contents as image/text files
Exact preview of ActiveX documents (office, PDF etc)demo: preview PDF documents in draft and full mode
Custom/skinned system icons (drives etc)
Show in (collapsible) groupsdemo: arrange files in collapsible groups
User defined groups
Extended icon overlays (e.g. TortoiseSVN)
Color coding of filenamesdemo: color coding files according to their type or attributes
Folder junctions, symbolic links (NTFS)
Calculate folder sizes in detailed view
Bookmark and quicklaunch panel (mini-scrap/"drop box")demo: drop stack, drop zones
Keyboard (hotkey) customizationdemo: customize keyboard shortcuts
Toolbar skinning
Native 64 bit executable
Robust deletion with error control and filters
Column handler support for vista & windows 7/8/10
Extract plain text from office/PDF/WPD/ODT documents
Docking and floating panes demo: docking panes
Context sensitive file information (details) panedemo: rich file attributes and infobars
Mass tag/comment management
Long path support for big folder names (>260 letters)
Total commander WLX/WDX/WCX extension plugins
Programmable user interface with macros demo: macro programming
Sample reading speed for folder with 7000 items (sec)1.050.830.83
Program size (MB)
Commands in the menu system56169264
Cost (US $)free29.95
Download free or free trial xplorer2 box
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■ Compare professional and ultimate editions

Ultimate edition is the best xplorer² money can buy. It searches faster and has better algorithms (e.g. fast duplicate files detection).
For more details on their differences please click here.
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