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■ Shiver me timbers!

Are you looking for cracks, hacks, serials or other assorted ways to circumvent xplorer² licensing system? Here are some facts you probably don't know and will hopefully change your mind.

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So it's not just about piracy being illegal (which it is), this is about doing the wrong thing to a small outfit like Zabkat. I understand that $30 is a large amount of cash in some countries, but first of all there's a free lite version you can use, and second you can always try contacting me for a discount. Or take advantage of the TrialPay alternative that may get you a xplorer² license as a free gift.

Think of all the time and energy you save using xplorer² every day. There is a lot of hard work behind xplorer², years of it. You can help keep it alive and kicking!

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