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■ Does DeskRule require Windows Search?
DeskRule works with windows search (WDS), if available, to search faster. However WDS isn't required, DeskRule knows how to search without it; it will even cover up for known WDS limitations (e.g. it will search in unregistered text file types).

■ Does DeskRule maintain its own search index (database)?
No, it uses the system search index, built and maintained by Windows. DeskRule takes advantage of the system index for those attributes and properties that are indexed. For non indexed locations (folders) and properties, it knows how to search without relying on any database. Search will be slower but it will get to your documents.

■ How do I add a folder in the windows search index?
Windows will automatically add your common documents folders in the search index, for faster searches. If you keep documents in other locations, you can just add them using the system indexing options (control panel). If you use xplorer² ultimate, you can right click on a folder and use the Add to search index context menu command.

■ Can DeskRule find keywords in all document types?
DeskRule uses all your registered property and filter handlers to scan file attributes and contents. If for example you have MS Office installed, your computer will have all the filters necessary for DeskRule to search in DOC, XLS, PPT etc documents. If you find that you cannot search in particular file types, you can try locating a filter plugin for windows search, that will also work for DeskRule. The components below are either free or free for non-profit use:

■ Can DeskRule search in emails?
No, at present DeskRule is just for files. That means documents, media, pictures, source code, but emails will be searched only if they are saved as individual files like EML.

■ Can DeskRule search in network drives?
Yes it can, but the search will be slower because network locations are not normally indexed. There are uncertain and laborious ways to add network folders to the index, but that will work only for full administrators.

■ Can DeskRule search in compressed archives (ZIP, 7Z, RAR)?
By default DeskRule will search in ZIP files that behave like folders out of the box. You can extend your system to search in many other compressed files if you install this plugin. Make sure you tick the DeskRule option Enter virtual folders to search in archives.

■ Can DeskRule search in cloud storage?
Many of the popular cloud storage providers (OneDrive, Dropbox) are just special folders on your desktop, so Deskrule can search in them for your cloud files. Some others like Amazon cloud drive on the other hand do not allow deskrule or any other desktop program to access the cloud contents.

■ How many licenses (seats) do I need?
Deskrule is licensed per user, not per computer. So if you are the only user, one license key is enough for all your personal computers. You only need to worry about extra seats if there are more people using the program.

■ What is the upgrade policy for DeskRule?
At present there's no decision either way; upgrades may be free or there may have to be paid for. When you purchase DeskRule you are guaranteed to receive free updates and support for at least a year.

■ What is the difference between lite and full editions?
DeskRule is competitively priced in its niche, but if you don't need all the bells and whistles you can save a lot of money opting for the lite version.

■ Where do I enter the unlock key?
Deskrule will ask for the license you bought when you start the program. If you don't see this dialog, be patient; Deskrule will not nag you on the very first day of installation. If you allow 24 hours you should see the registration prompt on the next day.

■ My documents are there, why can't DeskRule find them?
A search has two main ingredients, where to look and what kind of files to fetch. If you cannot find your stuff, either you're looking at the wrong place or your search conditions are not what you intended. Here are some quick troubleshooting tips:

For more search tips and tricks click here

■ Why can't I find pictures using the map helper toolbar?
Do your pictures contain geotags? These are EXIF tags that contain the longitude and latitude where a picture was shot. Make sure your phone or camera has a GPS receiver and it is turned on. Also make sure you are searching within a folder with pictures, e.g. My Pictures.

■ The embedded google map dialog doesn't work
Google maps cannot be embedded to DeskRule any longer, but we've designed a dialog that can import GPS coordinates from an external browser window. Please watch the demo video and accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused!

■ Why can't I search for some properties in some file types?
Windows search can get frustrating once you seek "advanced" properties and attributes like tags, titles and the like. Why does a JPG image support comments and PNG doesn't? Why I can see tags for MP4 video but not ASF? The windows property system is very complicated and there are tons of file types. The advice is to try using the more "standard" file types whenever possible instead of rare formats. Installing a good codec will sort out properties for many media types.

If your question is not covered please feel free to contact us.

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