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The special lite edition has everything except for the advanced search panels, that many users don't need anyway. So you get a lot of search engine at a fraction of the cost! Detailed comparison:
Lite   Full  
  ■ Search all file attributes and contents
  search for 300+ system attributes and file contents in all registered document types
  ■ Fast search with robust fallback
  Utilize windows search index when available; if not use a reliable search alternative
  ■ Automatic preview of results
  Quick preview of popular document types like images, office/PDF and media
  ■ Search in virtual folders (ZIP, FTP. OneDrive, DropBox etc)
  Extend search in non-filesystem locations like ZIP archives and cloud storage
  ■ Advanced boolean search
  Combine search rules in logical expressions (or/and/not) for extra search precision
  ■ Desktop detective
  Unique search mode that can test file attributes against each other
  ■ Search in super-deep folders
  Find documents in folders whose paths exceed 260 letters
  ■ Native 64 bit executable
  Lite edition is 32 bit only, but works fine on x64 windows
  ■ Automate UI with macros
  Script frequently repeated search operations with macro commands
  ■ Find pictures with geotags
  Find pictures shot in any part of the world using a map
  ■ Catalog and search offline documents, movies etc
  Search your external USB disks & DVD storage while disconnected from your PC
  ■ Live filename search and AQS
  Search for filenames as you type or use Advanced Query Syntax search rules
  Price per seat $20 $40

Current version:
Platform: Windows 7,8,10,11


Cost per user: $19.95

Available on Windows Store

    Get it on Windows 10
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