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around the world taking pictures lots of pictures in the suitcase where is the picture on the map
You’ve been around the world
with your GPS phone/camera
... bagged thousands of
photos with geotags
Where is that photo of the kids
in Central Park back in 2009?
map based photo search
Deskrule will find it for you with a map picture search


Location-based picture search

If you take pictures (or shoot video) with a GPS enabled phone or camera, latitude and longitude GPS information will be stored in the JPG file. You may have heard of tools like Panoramio or Google photos that can show a geotagged picture on the map, but how do you search for a photo in your collection (stored in your computer) if you just remember its location?

Deskrule can search for hundreds of file attributes, including photos' GPS map coordinates. But it goes a step further: instead of querying for numbers like latitude 40°45'31"N and longitude 74°1'17"W (few people would know that these represent New York!), it defines the search area using a map. Pan and zoom the map and you can find pictures you shot in east USA, or New York, or even in Central Park!

You can combine geotag searches with any other file attributes. So if e.g. you want photos shot in 2016, add a rule on date and set it to 2016!

Deskrule map search works with the photos on your desktop PC or laptop. You don't need to upload your photos to any cloud server, so your privacy is totally protected.

What are geotags?

They are EXIF tags stored in pictures and video files, holding the precise photo location. They are stored the moment you shoot a picture with a GPS enabled phone. Make sure your GPS receiver is turned on and that the camera app on your phone is allowed to use it.

You can also geotag your photos after you take them using specialized GPS tracklog tools.

The latest version of google maps doesn't integrate properly with DeskRule's internal browser. We are working to restore this functionality.
In the meantime, you can manually copy GPS coordinates out of google maps and paste them in DeskRule's latitude and longitude search boxes.
Pan and zoom google maps to locate the area of interest then use the GPS coordinate numbers from your browser's addressbar (URL)
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