Licence Agreement & Installation

Before installing and using 2xExplorer you should be aware of all the "small print" you implicitly accept. Thankfully there are no catches whatsoever, as you'll soon realise.

Licence Agreement

Here are the main points to keep in mind. For complete details you may consult Licence.txt.

2xExplorer is freeware, i.e. it is free to use and distribute, as long as you are not selling it for profit.
Despite the effort that went into building 2xExplorer, there's no warranty that's free of bugs. You are using it at your own risk.

As you can see, there are no strings attached. There are also a couple of optional items you may consider:

Pseudo-registration. If you use this program regularly, you are encouraged to "register" by simply sending an e-mail (even an empty one) to the author specifying REGISTER in the subject. This will e.g. ensure that you'll be notified about any future releases of 2xExplorer.
Donations. If you want to really make an impact, supporting further development, please consider making a voluntary donation.

System requirements

2xExplorer will run on any PC with some 32-bit windows OS version, i.e. 95/98/NT4/2000/Me/XP. All the required components are statically linked to the executable so there are no requirements for special DLL versions.

NOTE: some functionality of the program relies on operating system components. Hence, although 2xExplorer will run properly on win95, some features will not be available. To date this only affects the thumbnail viewer.


2xExplorer doesn't come with an installation program so as to keep the download size down to an extremely nimble 345 kB (for the current version R7x). However, you won't need any help since the installation procedure is trivial.

After you download the ZIP archive, use any unpacker (e.g. WinZip) to extract the files and place them in any folder on your system. I would recommend creating a fresh folder called "C:\Program Files\2xExplorer", but this is not a strict requirement. See Install.txt for more details.

The ZIP archive should contain the following files. If you keep everything in the same folder, then the "help" files will be accessible from 2xExplorer's menu commands.

Filename Description
2xExplorer.exe The application itself
2xExplorer.rtf The brief "help" file explaining the main features of 2xExplorer.
Licence.txt Lincence agreement you implicitly accept by using 2xExplorer
Install.txt Instructions for installation and uninstallation
Keyboard.txt Keyboard assignments for advanced & keyboard-only commands
Registry.txt Registry settings for advanced tweaking of the program
FAQ.txt Frequently Asked Questions that may help you, should you ever have a problem with 2xExplorer
Newest.txt Description of the latest version release Packed text files containing older release notes
2xExplorer.exe.manifest XP-only file enabling the new visual styles for that OS


This is even easier, just delete the folder you placed 2xExplorer and its accompanying help files. Advanced tweakers may also wish to remove the registry key where the program settings are kept which is the only system resource 2xExplorer uses. The key name in question is "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ZabaraKatranemia Plc\2xExplorer".