Voluntary Contributions for 2xExplorer

An author's apology

I don't charge for 2xExplorer. It's a cliche, but many people ask me why won't I charge money for a "professional" piece of software like 2x. Well, the idea is that I've developed some code on a "recreational" and personal edification basis, and the bigger audience it would reach the better. So no compulsory costs to you and no nags of any sort.

On the other hand, I'm not immune to material pleasures either. So if you can afford it, you may consider donating a small (or large :) amount to show your appreciation for all the effort I have put into developing 2xExplorer. This way you may exploit a well known trait in the human psyche to keep the author happy and developing for years to come.

Secure on-line payments

The link below will redirect you to a secure server that will accept your online donation details. You can donate as little or as much as you like, whatever your heart or wallet would allow.

new If you already have a PayPal account it's even easier to make your secure donation for 2xExplorer. Simply follow the link below (click on the paypal button):

Failing that, you may send me an email asking for my posting address, if you want to contribute in a non-monetary fashion. To find out where to send all those beer coupons drop me a line   <g>

Thank you!