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date 1.Jan.2015

■ xplorer² v3.0 now with (optional) ribbon toolbar interface

There are two kinds of people in the world, those that hate the ribbon and those who love it; there is no middle way. I used to be on the naysayers camp, why with its waste of space and lack of customization, but one must admit that it brings some order to programs with tons of commands like xplorer². Just look at the unwieldily mess that is xplorer² menu bar, and then compare it to the ribbon: commands logically organized in groups, the most frequently used commands easily accessible, and their variations available as split-button menus. Yes it gets some time getting used to but it is worth the trouble. Don't forget to watch the ribbon demo video available in Help > How do I? menu command (or click on the question mark at the right end of the ribbon). To turn off the ribbon use the leftmost "File" tab and you will get the traditional menu bar. But times move on chaps, and let's try to move along with the flow, it's not all bad nonsense <g>. xplorer² is the first major file manager that sports a ribbon UI — controversially! optional ribbon interface

This is a major upgrade and the ribbon is only the surface. There are more substantial changes under the hood (see the full changelog here), but to mention just a few:

Upgrade information

I know it's not what you would like to hear first thing on a New Year's Day, but this latest xplorer² version is not a free upgrade for existing license holders. Any sustainable business needs return customers, so 3 years after the last paid-for upgrade, loyal customers are asked to reach for their wallets. Everyone will need to obtain a new unlock key for v3.0, but many people will get it for free.

The upgrade process is as painless as can be; you just try to purchase a new key then xplorer² should guide you in case you are entitled to a free or discounted upgrade. Here are a few possibilities:

The upgrade will be easier if you install v3.0 over your existing one (in the same folder), so xplorer² can recognize you have an older valid license file in there. Alternatively you can upgrade semi-automatically using this form — but you'd need to dig up that email with your full unlock key.

We trust that you'll find the new upgrade worth the price, and wish you a happy and productive new year!

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