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date 3.Nov.2019

■ xplorer² folder listings and MS Excel spreadsheet similarities

I still remember the pleasant shock I received some years ago observing an accountant apply a filter in Excel (showing only matching lines of the tabular data), using the Filter button in Data ribbon tab. Up to then the fanciest I did in Excel was using the Sort function to arrange lines by the various columns. Of course filtering and sorting are operations we use all the time in xplorer² to manage large folders.

So having run out of useful ideas to blog about, I thought I'd make this demo video to highlight the spreadsheet similarities between xplorer² and MS Excel, that hopefully will induce some pleasant surprise to other Excel amateurs among you <g>

There are also some xplorer² functions that were inspired from Excel over the years, as the capability to change file details in spreadsheet mode — where each editable file attribute can be changed as if it were an Excel spreadsheet cell. Also the programmable column that defines custom file attributes, can be considered as an Excel formula, albeit in a single row (properties of a single file).

I doubt if pivot tables have anything to do with file management, but who knows, with all this juxtaposition and comparative feature thinking, I may get another idea for a useful xplorer² spreadsheet-like feature in the future... or perhaps you will get a bright idea and recommend it for implementation!

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