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date 13.Mar.2016

■ Is it a folder or is it a spreadsheet? It is the new xplorer²!

xplorer² design philosophy is to keep it simple. Everybody's busy and have lots on their minds, competing for limited brain resources, so the last thing they want is a complex user experience. So when it comes to editing file properties xplorer² does it the most intuitive way — in place in detailed view mode. Everybody knows how to rename a file by clicking on its name column. Now you can use the same intuitive way to change any other editable property. No need to remember menu or ribbon commands, no special dialogs. Just natural text editing. File attributes and properties come in 3 varieties:
  • Innate properties that cannot be changed directly, like file size
  • General properties like attributes, file dates and comments
  • Special document type-specific properties like Composers for MP3 files
xplorer2 spreadsheet mode

xplorer² already had commands to change generic properties like touching dates and adding comments, but now you can do it straight in the folder view. Now you can also change all editable properties inplace (previously only available through the property page dialog). You can see how it works in the demo video play

Advanced properties can be a bit confusing because not all file types support them. So you can add tags to a picture but not to an executable file. Frustratingly property support in windows is incomplete; why can you change tags in JPG but not in PNG image formats? We will never know. You can improve the property system installing plugins (e.g. for video or audio files), but these plugins themselves are hit and miss too. We cannot save the world but we can try one little step at a time <g>

Version 3.2 brings more improvements, and just to name a few (see here for full details)

Upgrade information

Version 3.2 is a free upgrade for most people that already own v3.x licenses. A small exception is people who got a v3.0 key as a free upgrade using the "free upgrades for a year" policy. So if your unlock key is dated before 1 January 2015 (check your About dialog), then you'd need a new key, but you should be able to get one at a discount. On the other hand if you've already bought a v3.x key or you own the free lifetime upgrades cover, you don't have to pay again.

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