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date 28.Oct.2021

■ xplorer² v5.1 released, codename Presbyopia

xplorer² has been out for almost 20 years, and we are no longer the sharp-eyed spotty yoof we were back then. In the interest of all mature/elderly users out there, all xplorer² dialogs get a slightly larger font that makes the difference, especially in higher resolution displays. The same goes for the internal viewer editor² and the advanced settings editor.

Other improvements of note include: (see the changelog for the full list of changes)

extract groups to folders

Upgrade information

Version 5.1 is a free upgrade for people that already own v5.x licenses. Customers with v4.x keys can upgrade to the latest version with a discount.

Please use Help > Check for updates menu command or the equivalent from ribbon's File leftmost tab to get the new version. If you don't have xplorer² installed try the download page for your free trial.

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