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date 1.Feb.2015

■ Slow to start or/and slow to run, what's wrong?

"Smaller, faster, more efficient", that's what xplorer² was designed to be, and for most people that's the way things are. The other day some customer wrote complaining about slow starts; it turned out that the gentleman had 20-odd tabs showining and sorting by Signed by (authenticode) column. xplorer² was designed to be best of class but it cannot bend the laws of physics. When you ask too much of the program and use many of the advanced features simultaneously, and when your folders have too many items in them, then inevitably things will slow down.

Sometimes the cause of delays is evident (e.g. that rusty 386 of yours with windows 8 installed :) but would you have imagined that having too many icons in your custom commands would be a factor? Below I enumerate a few common issues with workarounds that will help you speed up your file management experience.

1. Slow starts troubleshooter

Another obvious workaround is to start xplorer² and leave it running. Then whatever factors cause slow starts will only be suffered once. Whenever you need to browse folders just grab xplorer² from the taskbar. When you have xplorer² set to replace windows explorer, the program stays in memory even when you close the window — just avoid using File > Exit or <Alt+X> command (that will fully quit xplorer²).

2. Generally slow to run

If your xplorer² is slow and none of the above "natural" slow down reasons apply to your case, it could be that your antivirus is blocking xplorer² and won't let it function properly. If you use a 3rd party antivirus (other than Windows Defender) try adding xplorer² in the list of your AV whitelisted/trusted programs and see if it improves the situation.

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