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date 18.Sep.2016

■ xplorer² operation "wart buster" released

When a program is under development for nearly 15 years as is xplorer², it is hard to find meaningful things to add (other than throwing the kitchen sink or a coffee maker into the program). So this time, instead of adding a single headline grabbing feature or other, I decided to iron out a large number of small annoyances that irritated xplorer² users over the years. More particularly:

For more details on these and lots of other added features please see the change log.

Upgrade information

Version 3.3 is a free upgrade for most people that already own v3.x licenses. A small exception is people who got a v3.0 key as a free upgrade using the "free upgrades for a year" policy. So if your unlock key is dated before 1 January 2015 (check your About dialog), then you'd need a new key, but you should be able to get one at a discount. On the other hand if you've already bought a v3.x key or you own the free lifetime upgrades cover, you don't have to pay again.

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