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date 27.Apr.2022

■ xplorer² status bar indicators

The bottom line of xplorer² window is the status bar. It shows useful information about the program state, selected files and important messages. It is split up in several panes (up to 7, depending on your options). Most panes show text information, and a couple show icons. If you hover your mouse pointer over a pane you will see a brief information about it in a tooltip, as below:

status bar panes

  1. Status and messages. The leftmost pane marked [1] shows the result of the last command (e.g. 10 items found). If there was some problem, it shows an error message with a warning icon (and usually a beep sound) error message . Double click on the leftmost pane to repeat the message (in case you missed part of it); for extended error information use Help > Last error menu command.
  2. Active item information. The second pane [2] shows size and date information about the unique focused item (the one with the dotted rectangle around it). This is useful when you don't see file details in the folder (eg. if you use list view mode).
  3. Item index. This pane is off by default but you can enable it through program options (Tools > Options menu, then Advanced property page). It shows the focused item index number in the list, beginning with 1 (first item), 2 for the second and so on.
  4. Selection information. When nothing is selected this pane shows how many items are in the folder altogether. Once you start selecting 2 or more items, this pane shows how many items are selected and their total size e.g. selection info means there are 2 files selected and their total combined size is 1393455 bytes.
  5. Visual filter indicator. When a visual filter (e.g. a wildcard) is active, obscuring some folder items, a green filter icon appears here; when there's no filtering involved (all items show normally) pane [5] is blank. You can double click on this status bar pane to toggle the visual filter on/off
  6. Hidden files indicator. Special files like DESKTOP.INI and such with System or Hidden attributes, can be filtered out in bulk if you tick off Show hidden files option. In this case the eye icon will appear in this pane indicating some files may be hidden from view. Double click on this pane to toggle hidden files mode on/off.
  7. Disk free space. The rightmost pane shows the free space in the current hard disk (e.g. if you are browsing C:\TEMP folder it will show the free space in C:\ drive), both as an absolute GB magnitude and a percentage.

But the status bar usefulness doesn't stop here. If you browse the menu commands, you will see a brief explanation of what each command does on the statusbar! This also applies when you hover your mouse pointer over a toolbar button. It is a mini instruction manual. Often while xplorer² is busy executing one of your commands, a progress bar shows on the statusbar, giving you an idea how much more is left to be done.

Not bad for a little bottom line, isn't it? If nevertheless you don't want any of the above, you can disable the statusbar altogether using View > Toolbars > Status bar menu command. If you disable the statusbar, all error messages will show as message boxes.

Status information is taken from the active folder, wherever it may be (left or right dual pane). If you prefer a separate mini-status bar for each pane, turn on infobars (View > Toolbars > Info bars menu command). You can customize infobar panes using the right click context menu, to show any piece of file information available.

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