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date 21.Dec.2014

■ Find pictures of a particular pixel width and height

As I am busy finishing xplorer² v3.0 (currently in beta testing) — with exciting new features like ribbon UI and a better bulk rename feature — here is a quick tip on xplorer² searches.

As you know all 350 (!) file attributes available on windows explorer can be used as search rules. These file properties come in three broad categories:
  • Text properties (Name, Author, Tags etc)
  • Date properties (Date modified, date picture taken etc)
  • Number properties (File size, EXIF dimensions, etc)
When you search for numbers xplorer² asks for a low and a high limit as in the pic to the right. This way you can search for a range [min, max] or you can search for a number below or above a value (leave minimum or maximum value blank, respectively). But what if you want to find an exact number like a picture width of 1000 pixels? Easy, set both min and max limits to the same number!

Equality search rules are better handled in deskrule; there you would just type =1000 in the picture width field, but that's a story for another time.
equality constraint for width

Happy holidays everyone!

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