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date 15.May.2016

■ Restart a failed copy operation — without copying all the files again!

Here's a quick tip. You tried to transfer a few GB worth of data over a slow network connection. You left it running overnight only to realize first thing in the morning that it was aborted half way. Bummer. Do you have to start all over again and keep your fingers crossed? Not if you are using xplorer² robust copy engine. You tell xplorer² to use its backup copy settings "Overwrite if newer else skip", so that files that were copied already won't be copied again. Just press <F5> key to start the copy then use the copy options as in the pic. If you don't suffer from flash-phobia you can watch this demo video overwrite control to restart failed copy operation

Another annoying situation is unexpected error messages halting the transfer while you are not paying attention. Ticking the transfer option Silent operation will tell xplorer² to refrain from any error messages and continue copying in unattended mode. After all is said and done, in the unlikely scenario that something went wrong, xplorer² will have a transfer log waiting for you, where you can search for errors and warnings. Press <CTRL+F> in the log dialog to search for errors, or copy the text out to browse it more comfortably in your favorite text editor.

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