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date 9.Aug.2020

■ Partially reset xplorer² program settings without a full uninstall

If you want to reset xplorer² to "factory default" settings, you can uninstall it and remove all the settings when asked to during uninstallation, then re-install it. This will wipe up everything, including any bookmarks, layouts, user commands, macros, browsing history and what have you.

Why would you want to reset xplorer² settings? Sometimes things get screwed up after over-tweaking, and xplorer² won't start, or display in a funny way. Possibly an uninstall will bring back order. But you will also lose all your favorite settings (bookmarks etc). That's why I made a REG script that resets the most basic settings (which are likely to blame for problems) and leaves the bulk intact, so you can have your cake and eat it!

The list of settings removed (binMiscOptions, binMoreOptions etc) are described in registry.txt. They won't fit everybody's needs but they are worth a try before more drastic measures are taken (e.g. full uninstall). Here is how you go about with the partial reset:

  1. download the ZIP file (below) and unpack it
  2. fully quit xplorer² pressing <ALT+X> or (File > Exit menu command)
  3. double click on RESET.REG to import it in your registry
  4. restart xplorer², hopefully with all your woes removed :)
Click to download settings reset script (1 KB)

Download and unzip the file, then double-click on RESET.REG while xplorer² is not running

This reset will only affect the default layout. If you are using multiple layouts in Window menu then probably a full uninstall/reinstall will be required to reset all layouts' settings.

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