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date 18.Jun.2024

■ MS Outlook 2010 selection information

Being spoiled with xplorer² large folder information richness, one is appauled by the poor state of affairs in MS Outlook. My 2010 version at least does not show any selection information on the statusbar or anywhere else. So how am I to know how many emails did I select?

ChatGPT (Copilot) believes that this information can be turned on tweaking the status bar settings, claiming there is a button for it in Layout section of View ribbon tab, but it is not correct at least for 2010 edition. But here's how you can cheat: right click on the selected emails and temporarily mark them as unread using the context menu, then the status bar shows how many are unread (that is our selection).

selection information in outlook

After that just re-mark them as read and get on with your life.

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