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date 15.Jun.2014

■ Quick tip: Network items in miniscrap pane

The miniscrap pane (View menu) doesn't like it when you put in it inaccessible items. It will remove such items. So if you put in there e.g. a network folder for quick access, and this network is not connected next time you restart xplorer², the network item will be lost.

Here is a workaround. Instead of storing the actual network folder, create a local shortcut to it, then put this shortcut in the miniscrap. You can connect to the remote folder or document just as easily and it will not be removed if the network happens to be disconnected — as the shortcut is available locally. Here are the steps:

Later xplorer² versions automate storing indirect links into the miniscrap. Drag one item with the right mouse button and drop using link target from the drop menu to store a LNK shortcut in %TEMP%
  1. Find the target network folder or document and select it
  2. Use Edit > Copy menu to copy it
  3. Browse a folder in your local computer e.g. your desktop or create a new folder
  4. Use Edit > Paste link menu to create a local shortcut to the network item
  5. Drag drop this shortcut in the miniscrap pane

Easy does it!

If this workaround sounds too much work, you can use Tools > Advanced options menu command and tick the option "Disable autorefresh of contents" in the miniscrap section (Layout settings property page). This will protect your intermittent content while xplorer² is running — but it will not protect any network items that happen to be unavailable when the program first starts.

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