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date 16.Sep.2018

■ xplorer² v4.1: Easy UI command macros for everyone

User interface automation macros introduced with version 4 are very powerful but require a kind of primitive programming language to use them, which isn't everybody's cup of tea. To address this problem, version 4.1 brings an automatic macro recorder. Press <F12> key to start recording a macro, then operate xplorer² window menus, toolbarbs and dialog controls, and behind the scenes the equivalent macro "language" is generated for you automatically. Once you are done click Finish button. No programming required at all!

Once finished recording the macro, you can run it straight away, or/and save it for later use in the list of remembered macros. Note that some of the more advanced tricks available with the macro language will not be available through the macro recorder, but still the advanced programmers among you can use the recorded macro as a basis for future improvements (use Customize > Macros > Edit macro menu command to edit the last macro). To repeat the last macro press <Ctrl+F12> keys; you will notice that repeated macros will execute silently without showing any dialogs, for peace of mind.

Other additions of note include: (see the changelog for the full list)

Upgrade information

Version 4.1 is a free upgrade for most people that already own v4.x licenses, as well as those that bought v3 up to a year ago according to standard upgrade rules. Please use Help > Check for updates menu command or the equivalent from ribbon's File leftmost tab to get the new version.

If you don't have xplorer² installed try the download page for your free trial.

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