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date 2.Oct.2016

■ Find your photos using a map

Deskrule is a windows search engine that can work with many useful file attributes, like geotags in your photos. If you take pictures with a GPS enabled phone, latitude and longitude GPS information will be stored in the JPG file, that can put pictures on the map. Deskrule can search for photos using map coordinates, but would you know that New York is found at latitude 40°45'31"N and longitude 74°1'17"W ? We thought not, that's why now Deskrule can define photo search queries using a map.

Say you have tons of photos on your desktop, and you want to find some you shot in New York, but you don't remember where they are or how they're called. Here's how you find them easily:

  1. Right click on My Pictures folder (or wherever you store your photos) and choose Search with DeskRule menu command
  2. Click on the map button map toolbar button to open the deskrule map helper
  3. Scroll the map and zoom in to find the location you are after (e.g. the greater New York area, or even Central park). Whatever you see on the map when you click on OK button will be the search area
  4. Click on start search button and see those New York photos appearing in the search results!

You can add extra search parameters if you like, e.g. if you want photos shot in 2016, add a rule on date and set it to 2016!

Deskrule can also help with the reverse task, put a picture on the map. Select a JPG file from the search results and press <CTRL+M> keys to start a browser window with a mark showing your photo's GPS coordinates. For more information please watch the demo video play

Try for yourself the photo map search helper
Download DeskRule free trial (32 or 64 bit)

■ GPS photo search troubleshooter

If deskrule cannot find your pictures by longitude/latitude please check the following:

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