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date 9.Mar.2014

■ xplorer² Ultimate version is much faster searching your desktop

You don't have to be a ageing cynic to realize that sales people and marketing have damaged any sense of trust we have in "promises" of all sorts. I am basically a producer of goods but had to put a marketeer hat in order to sell xplorer². I never knowingly resort to false advertising practices, but it appears that some people don't trust me either. More to the point, some believe that the whole ultimate edition is a marketing scam with no inherent value, conceived just to rip people off their hard earned.

Guys, trust me, xplorer² ultimate is much better than the professional edition in terms of searching for files and folders of all sorts, and especially so documents with text. Whereas xplorer² professional scans folder contents methodically (read slowly), the ultimate version takes advantage of precalculated information in the system file index. It doesn't have to check all folders for your files, it just looks keywords up in the big table that windows maintains and quickly jumps to the right folder. The result is orders of magnitude improvement in search speed.

Other types of doubting-Thomas-isms take the form "yes but tool X or Y finds files very fast too — and free!". The snag is that all these programs like Everything only search by name. You cannot find any other attributes and you can definitely not search for text inside files' contents, which is by far the most time consuming kind of search. Windows search uses filter plugins to access and index information for all your complex document types (PDF, DOC etc).

A great deal of work went into importing windows search in the ultimate version and especially for correcting its numerous faults. You get a fair deal for the extra money you spend. And if no amount of talk will convince you, here's a practical demonstration:

Demo video comparing professional/ultimate text search play
Or just see for yourself, download the ultimate free trial.

If you are running both ultimate and professional editions on the same PC you may cripple the fast search available in the former. This is a glitch in xplorer² that will be fixed in the short-coming version. If you discover that search takes too long in the ultimate edition, make sure the tickbox "Don't use windows desktop search" is not checked — see Tools > Advanced options menu

ps. If you are on old windows XP, you must install windows search v3 or 4 to take advantage of xplorer² ultimate search performance.

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