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date 28.Mar.2021

■ More user choice for custom command icons

Various custom commands in xplorer² (bookmarks, tab groups, macros etc) can be associated with custom icons, so e.g you can tell your bookmarks apart when placing them on a toolbar. An older demo video explains how to customize toolbars and choose custom icons. In brief, use Organize menu command for the list you want to alter and edit the properties of a single item as in the pic below:

choose custom icon for menu command

Change icon dialog by default picks icons from SHELL32.DLL, a system file that contains lots of icons. But you can try other dlls, even .ICO (icon) files, using the dialog's browse button. Many system DLLs have tons of icons in them, but how do you dig up the icon treasure bearers? Here is a little console tool I wrote some time ago for this purpose:

Click to download resource enumerator (30KB)

Just unpack and run using a DOS console

To scan the system folder for icon-rich DLLs, use this command line:

enumres %WINDIR%\system32 3 *.dll 500

3 means "icons", and 500 is the minimum number if icons present in the file. Ön my system the following dlls have lots of icons in them:

A word of warning: don't overdo it with custom icons. If you choose too many from too many DLLs, xplorer² startup speed may suffer. At minimum you should only extract icons from local (not network/cloud) files that can be loaded quickly.

enumres console usage

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