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date 6.May.2016

■ Find your way around Deskrule user interface

Deskrule search engine has many ways to enter search criteria, but most people use the normal mode, that is the various toolbar fields that accept names, dates and other search parameters. Arguably this isn't the most orthodox UI for a search program but if you think that deskrule somehow has to manage 300+ search fields, this is a good trade off. From support incidents I understand that users have a hard time managing these toolbars. So if your deskrule toolbar looks messy, please continue reading.

As you add or remove search fields (using the green [+] and red [X] toolbar buttons respectively), or when you resize the main window, toolbars can get out of shape. You have many ways to bring back order:

Another issue I hear about is the preview window. By default this is autohiding, but if you click on the little pin button on the quickviewer's titlebar, you will make it stay extended. You can then drag-drop the pane and dock it somewhere else (e.g. left or bottom side). You can also resize it, even have it floating outside the deskrule window (double click on the titlebar for this feat).

To learn more about deskrule basics you can watch the demo videos available onboard deskrule (click next to the blue toolbar question mark [?] to see the videos). If you hate flash videos, here's a youtube video, and if you even hate javascript, I also add a plain screenshot summarizing what I've discussed :)

deskrule toolbar manipulation  

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