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date 24.Feb.2013

■ Delete files matching a wildcard

It's easy to delete a folder hierarchy, just select the root folder and hit <DEL> key. But what if you want to delete only some of the files under the root folder? For example what if you wanted to delete only files called DESKTOP.INI or delete files that were really old? — without touching the rest of the files. Somehow microsoft developers didn't think about this scenario when they designed windows explorer.

xplorer² can delete selected files like it can copy through filters. The idea is similar, you select all the files then restrict those that will be deleted using a filename wildcard like *.INI. To take advantage of this mode you must use the robust delete (Trash) command, which accepts wildcards: just select the files then press <SHIFT+DEL> combination. But be careful, this is permanent deletion, you cannot get your files back — not easily at any rate.

For step-by-step deletion through wildcards please watch today's demo video: play

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