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date 22.Aug.2021

■ i-DeClone, the smart way to get rid of duplicate and similar files

Over the years you downloaded music and videos, took pictures with your phone, wrote countless letters and report documents, reorganized your information this and that way. Chances are that your file information is duplicated here and there, wasting GB (if not TB) of good disk space. i-DeClone is a new zabkat program that helps you identify and remove duplicate and near-duplicate files from your system, including your local and external hard disk, your phones, tablets and cloud drives.

i-DeClone focuses its search effort in 6 broad categories:

Duplicate files lurk in various guises. They could be the exact same files stored in different folders (with same name or possibly renamed), or they could be subtle duplications of information (similar files) such as:

Discovering such a variety of clones isn't easy but i-DeClone tries to abstract all but the essential user input and guides the average user step by step (the main audience is Average Joe, not Einstein). On the other hand it allows more experienced users to fine tune the detection operation selecting the exact file properties used for the comparison, if run in expert mode. For more information please refer to the detailed documentation.

i-DeClone is simple on the outside but packs lots of strength inside, including several AI modules for similarity detection. Usually hundreds or even thousands of duplicate files will be discovered. i-DeClone helps you work with large file collections using filters and checkboxes. The automatic Mark wizard helps you select the unwanted duplicate files to be removed without mistakes or risk to your files. To clean up, you can either delete the clones or replace them with space efficient hard and symbolic links to the "original" files. Undoing mistakes is also possible in many situations where the Recycle Bin can be used for deleting files.

I've been working on i-DeClone for several months now, and with the help of early adopters (testers) I proudly present to you the first beta version of i-DeClone for your feedback and suggestions. xplorer² users will find many familiar UI elements like the quick filter box, dockable preview pane, similar keyboard shortcuts, shell context menu etc.

Click to download i-DeClone duplicate checker BETA (2.0MB, build 000.17)

Minimum requirements: windows Vista or later (32 or 64 bit)

i-DeClone is now final, see the website for a free trial

Eventually i-DeClone will be trialware, but the beta is fully functional and free, so feel free to remove all your clones gratis, on zabkat. As an extra incentive for testers, anyone who submits substantial feedback (e.g. discovers a bug) will get a free license when the program becomes widely available. Thanks for all your feedback!

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