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date 1.Nov.2020

■ Coronavirus pandemic "experts" begone!

So how do you feel about the handling of covid-19 by your government, good or bad? Do you see any salvation forthcoming or are we going to keep on playing "mask of the Zorro" games? As another round of lockdowns looks imminent, I lament the loss of personal freedom — and for what? Are we going to shut down because of a nasty flu epidemic?

Over the past few months I struggled to gather facts and understand the situation. Super-bugs are nothing new, we brought it upon ourselves with our intense animal farming methods. Covid-19 mortality looks on par with other flu viruses, and it could be even 10 times less dangerous than reported because of the asymptomatics, those that don't report ill etc. This hypothesis is also supported by sewage monitoring. From stories you hear, the "covid test" is unreliable, you might as well toss a coin to see if someone has the virus. So where do "experts" base their decisions if the numbers are all over the place?

There's no denying that the virus is very infectious, and even if we consider 1 in 1000 dying from it, 7 million dead in the planet is a high price to pay. But it isn't the plague that killed a third of the world in the middle ages. So what's the big deal? The overwhelming of hospitals? Build temporary hospitals then, like during wars. Devote whatever resources necessary to make respirators and what have you. Are they afraid that law and order will break down and people will start looting and killing each other? Personally if you lock me down again I might go mental, for real <g>

I am no conspiracy theorist. I don't believe that some underworld clan suddenly gained control over the governments and plan to steal our DNA and introduce nanobots through mass vaccinations. But the available data won't justify shutting down the world for a flu. I regret the loss of life, but that seems inevitable. Naive measures like 2m distancing, washing the hands and masks clearly don't work to prevent spreading the disease — just slow it down at best. The only thing that worked was locking us in our homes. But that's like burying our heads in the sand. The moment they let us loose, it will start all over again.

Or are we waiting for the miraculous vaccine? Covid-19 is a virus folks, and from the little medicine I know, there's no effective vaccine, because the little buggers mutate all the time. And has anyone considered just how long it would take to manufacture 7 billion vaccines, assuming one is discovered in time? Or shall we do it like the Chinese that "solved" the covid problem through "creative data reporting" — or was it indeed a miracle of almighty Buddha? <g>

Rhetorical questions, I know. The certainty is that in less than a year the virus has managed to infect the economy worse than people. Unless you are in antiseptic (or toilet paper :), business is down. People lose their jobs. Stock markets seem to have bounced back since the initial covid shock, but it's early days yet and the "bill" hasn't arrived in full yet. How is all the lost productivity going to be repaid? Has any "expert" drawn cost figures of the alternatives? How much will the covid pandemic cost either way? We are screwed either way but to my eyes damage limitation dictates that we must save the economy — or risk starvation as well as flu!

Bottom line folks, I am not afraid of flu viruses, and I'd rather stand up and fight it like a man instead of hiding away like a mouse. I struggle to find any data or facts that justify the paranoid overreaction of governments throughout the world — unless they are hiding something from us. Just build our medical defenses with temporary hospitals and training of nurses. Lock up the vulnerable old people if necessary, not everybody, against their wills. Last time people got fines for walking in deserted fields — the nearest human being miles away. Surely this is just pissing people off, not helping prevent the spread of the disease.

Enough with this "expert" scaremongering already! This is a war and we need men, not ostriches. Don't make a difficult situation worse with your unreasonable and ineffective measures. Even Trump came out of it alive, for better or for worse :)

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