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date 11.Jun.2017

■ How to find any menu command without dropping the ribbon toolbar

xplorer² can have both a traditional menu bar or the modern ribbon toolbar. The latter is supposed to be more user friendly and better organized, but doesn't have all the advanced commands found in the old school menu. Still there is a way to find any command using the command finder tool. Click on the little question mark icon on the quick access toolbar (next to xplorer² name on the program titlebar), enter a few keywords that describe the command you are after, and double click to taste from the list of matching commands. For more details watch the demo video to the right.

Using the command finder you can also follow the various help videos that were mostly shot long time ago before the ribbon toolbar was introduced. Also most parts of the documentation explain things in terms of the menu bar. Having everything explained for both menu and ribbon users would be good, but at present the ribbon part is lacking. Gradually the help system will cover both user interface modes... but until such time you can use the command finder tool <g>

ps. To get rid of the ribbon, either temporarily or permanently, use show normal menu command from the ribbon's leftmost FILE tab seen here:

how to disable ribbon toolbar for normal menu

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