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date 20.Sep.2020

■ Remove weird ☆♥☺ etc characters from filenames in one go

Once upon a time there were strict rules about filenames, only a few characters were allowed (nevermind the 8.3 letter limitation). Now, except for a few special characters like : and \ that are reserved for paths, anything goes in filenames. However cute adding smileys and hearts in your documents may be, you may run into trouble e.g. if you want to transfer files to a different, more restrictive file system. What can be done?


If you own a slave (or a small child that needs to be disciplined :) you can assign them the menial task to rename files with such semi-illegal characters one by one. But your xplorer² can repair them automatically using the "search and replace" mass rename function. Search for all "funny" characters like ☆ and ♥ and replace them with "nothing", i.e. eliminate them. To search for all of them in one go, use the regular expression character range [ ] operator, listing inside everything you want removed, e.g. [֍•†Ꙫ£®©€]

The next challenge is to do all your files from all your folders at once, but again xplorer² File > Browse flat menu command comes handy, where you can browse an entire folder hierarchy, including files in subfolders. Then select all items, press <F2> to start the mass rename wizard, and set it to Search and multi-replace mode in case there are many funny characters in each filename, and click Rename button to start the operation. Note that only files with funny characters will be affected; all other documents' names will not be touched. For more details please watch the video

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