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date 24.Oct.2021

■ Increase file numeric properties for many files in batch

xplorer² has a mass rename module, that can change selected filenames either entirely or manipulating portions of the old name (search and replace). Using Actions > File properties menu command, the same functionality can be harnessed to change other file text properties like comment or artist. It can also change numeric properties like MP3 music Year, but here you don't get much flexibility: you can set all numbers to the same year, or use an automatic counter like $2001.

How can we change year information relatively though? So each year, say, increases by one compared to its existing value? This feat is possible using ultimate edition's programmable property. The idea is as such:

This way, each file's property will change relatively to its old year information. See this demo video for the details:

If you watch the video you'll see that one MP3 file was somehow reluctant to change its year. It would just stay stuck, even using the file property page. But folks, you cannot hold xplorer² responsible for bugs in windows audio codecs, can you? <g>

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