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date 13.Jan.2013

■ Most popular blog posts in 2012

I started this blog back in January 2007 (6 years and running!). I don't write as much as I used to. It could be writer's block or the enlarged family. Still you people are reading the older stuff I wrote.

The other day I was examining my website's raw access logs with AWStats. (this isn't the easiest tool to use as it requires Perl and some bugfixes but it is industrial strength). Below is a list of the top blog articles for approximately one third of 2012.

rank titlehits  published
1xplorer² revives column handlers8377 Feb 2010
2LZW compression source code68924 Jan 2010
364 bit windows46211 Apr 2010
4OpenSSL/RSA license key generator43127 Jun 2010
5Send emails using CDOSYS38525 Mar 2012
6Windows 7 explorer vs xplorer²3657 Jun 2009
7Amateur anti-hacking guide34330 Jul 2011
8Hack sony W995 phone30113 Jun 2010
9Subfolder size25523 Aug 2009
10Protect your favorite settings 22713 Apr 2008
11Email contact form safety22628 Nov 2010
12Default directory association22011 Jan 2009
13Add a DVD drive to your netbook21924 May 2009
14UAC survival guide21514 Feb 2010
15Plain text files and searches21425 Mar 2007

Why are these articles popular? Obviously people found these interesting, and most likely google also liked the keywords used, so the URLs rank high in the organic search results. As you can see many are related to programming. The top article shows how many people are missing the old column handlers — which xplorer² revived.

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