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date 17.May.2020

■ All you need to know about transferring xplorer² settings

When xplorer² is installed on your main computer, it saves all settings (bookmarks, fonts, histories and what have you) in the registry, for both professional and ultimate editions alike. If you buy a new computer and want to transfer your xplorer² license and settings from the old computer, you export your settings from the old and import them in the new as explained here. In summary:
Some of your old settings won't be very useful when transferred. For example, unless your new PC folders have the exact same structure, some of your stored bookmarks and user commands won't be usable. If the new PC has much higher screen resolution (DPI), xplorer² will look ugly and you must manually tweak toolbar fonts etc — something that's normall taken care of automatically.

Apart from the registry data, xplorer² stores some less important details in the system appdata folder (type SHELL:APPDATA\ZABKAT in the addressbar to see them). The table below explains what these data files are for. If you need them, just copy them to the new PC too (in the same appdata location) — make sure xplorer² is not running when you copy these files to the new PC.

TAGDB.BIN Stores color tag information for files and folders. Probably not worth transferring unless your paths remain exactly the same on your new PC
TCPLUGINS.INI Settings related to any WDX/WLX/WCX TC plugins you are using extending xplorer² preview and property system. Probably it's easier to use the TC plugin manager (see the blog post) to recreate this file with the correct new plugin paths.
X2_MVTMP_.CIDA  Contents of your miniscrap pane (see View > Mini scrap menu command), probably not useful either
XXX.X2FND Saved searches file(s) that appear in Tools > Recent search submenu in scrap containers. These could be actually useful, so consider porting them to the new PC.
X2SETTINGS.INI If you run the ultimate edition and opted to save settings in File in user appdata folder, this is the INI settings file. Note: unless used in portable mode (on a USB stick), it is not advisable to store settings in INI files, it is much slower compared to registry!
ZOFFLINE.DB This catalog file holds the offline database Deskrule uses to search in disconnected media. If you use this Deskrule's feature, you should definitely copy it across so you don't have to recreate the database index. As it is a huge file, better zip/compress it first.

Table 1. Explanation of settings files in APPDATA folder

In the interest of portability you can edit your bookmarks, user commands and other path-related settings to use system environmental variables like %WINDIR% and %X2DIR% — which holds xplorer² installation folder — instead of exact paths like C:\WINDOWS

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